Management and Staff

Mrs. Sonia Bulani - Vision behind Dhanari

Ms. Hema Khemani - Director (She doesn't know what impossible means. Give her any target and she will achieve it).

Mahak Sharma - CRM (Behind good customer service).

Ms. Astha Sharma - Designer (Behind all the nice images you see on Facebook and Instagram and our website).

Mr. Girish Mamnani - Photographer (He can create a magic with his camera).

Ms. Manisha Parwani - Receptionist (She is a first one you may see when you enter into our office).

Ms. Vandana Rupchandani and Deepa Sawlani - Inventory Control (Girls who take numbers seriously).

Ms. Vandana Harwani // Ms. Neha Ramchandani // Ms. Meena Shyamnani and Ms. Kajal Yadav - Data Entry Operators (Everything on our website are uploaded by them).

Mr. Kunal Chandawat - Accounts (Its all about money for them).